Testimonials For New Thought Leader

Pete Measey, Operations Director, RADTAC

We have used Mark as a consultant on a number of our change management projects because of his knowledge, professionalism and ability to connect deeply with people. He is an excellent communicator with many skills to lead and motivate people in the direction of change. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a coach, facilitator and consultant.

Katie, Head of Learning, Midlands Based Charity

I wanted to work with an executive coach to provide me with personal support whilst I was undertaking a particularly challenging project. I chose Mark as he is a very experienced coach with a wide range of skills to call upon. I also felt that he could provide the level of empathy and understanding I required to be comfortable working with him.

Not having received any formal coaching before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but thought the process would be quite dry and mechanistic. In reality nothing could have been further from the truth. Mark was always able to tune into and interpret my needs from session to session and to match his approach to produce the best possible outcomes. Although the process took me outside my comfort zone on several occasions I always trusted Mark and felt safe to push myself and face up to my personal challenges and even began to find it enjoyable.

As a result of the coaching experience I now feel far more self-assured and better able to face challenges in both my work and personal life, and I also successfully completed my project!

I would recommend Mark as coach to anyone who, like me has been on the training courses, read the self-help books and taken the qualifications but still not achieved their full potential.

Tom, Senior Programme Manager, UK based Engineering Company

We understood that change needed to happen and had a strategy in place for its implementation, but there were many departments in our organisation that felt threatened by the change. After a brief consultation period with New Thought Leader, they recommended that we carry out a stakeholder analysis followed by an activity of stakeholder management for the duration of the programme.

They (New Thought Leader) ran this activity for us and we contributed where necessary. Overall this was a great success and it helped to get key players onside with the changes. I’m not sure how they got all the people to play ball, but they did. I would thoroughly recommend New Thought Leader as change management consultants, because of their professionalism and knowledge.

Matt, Change Delivery Manager, A well-known midlands manufacturing company

If you ever want to hire a facilitator, Mark is your man. I asked him to facilitate a blood-letting session for us because there was such negative emotion surrounding the new development process that was being deployed in our organisation.

The attendees were not shy in holding back and some were openly hostile towards Mark, but he kept his cool and by the end of the three day event resistance to the changes had evaporated and the most hostile of the attendees became the biggest advocates for the changes.

Mark was cool, professional, and courteous. He understood the people and their feelings and as result this event went so much smoother than I could ever have expected.

David – Public Sector Leader

As a leader in my organisation, part of my work involved dealing with a particularly troublesome employee who was very good at this job – so firing him wasn’t an option. I had tried many different ways of communication with him, but with no success.

I was skeptical of whether or not Mark could help after just one session, Mark was able to clearly identify the issues in a way I had not seen them before. He then gave me a plan of action to use when I was next communicating with that employee.

What happened next was like magic, the communication and motivation patterns that Mark taught me started to work their magic. This employee became far more receptive and was far easier to communicate with. Even today, months after that one session I am now still able to successfully deal with this employee. Coaching with Mark was a great investment. He is very professional, positive and full of energy. I would have no hesitation in using Marks services again in the future.

Richard Carter, Business Owner, Guildford Surrey

I was initially cynical to the concept of coaching but Mark’s style and approach makes the coaching sessions very enjoyable and useful. He is challenging in his approach but never judgmental. Mark is direct in his questioning and very honest.

He is very good at picking up my thoughts and feelings. The coaching experience has made me more self-aware and open to new possibilities for my life. I feel very positive in moving forward with my life-goals. I fully recommend him as a coach.

Curtis Levy – Business Owner, West Sussex

I first met Mark at the beginning of the year (2004), I was recommended to him by a friend to try and help me get over my anxiety and take control of my life. When I arrived for my first appointment with Mark, I was in need of serious help for my dizziness had taken control of my life and I couldn’t think of anything apart from being dizzy.

I was at a point in my life where I had everything and wanted nothing but to feel well and be happy again. Mark has made me believe I can achieve anything including feeling well again, he has turned my life around and given me a reason to get up in the morning.

Mark’s self coaching has made me realise that with happiness in your life you can achieve anything and I now know what I want out of life. I feel I can’t thank him enough as he has been a great inspiration to me and if I hadn’t met him my life would never be fulfilled. I am now looking forward to the next part of my journey with Mark there to help, support and inspire me – thank you Mark for your help and support.

Charlie Eve – Partner, Spofforths Chartered Accountants

I met Mark at TBI, a business networking group, and was particular interested in how Mark described himself as a professional coach for business owners. I had heard a lot about ‘life’ coaches, which were very much in the news at the time, and wanted to know what Mark felt about this concept and whether his own business followed the concepts of a life coach.

Mark felt that the concept of life coaching was fine but for coaching to be effective it should be specific and relevant. This is why Mark has focused on and specialises in the coaching of business owners and entrepreneurs. Mark’s focus was to assist in providing solutions to problems or challenges that face business owners everyday. These challenges can affect the business owner’s business life but also personal life.

I am a partner in an accountancy firm and must admit that I was a little sceptical as to how useful a business coach could be to business owners. The benefit from the inevitable cost always seems difficult to quantify. But, as the cost of a short programme, which consisted of 3 one hour sessions, was acceptable to me I felt I should see what all the fuss was about.

Right from the outset it was clear that the sessions were going to be driven by my requirements. This was a feature of Mark’s coaching technique. Mark acted as a facilitator to me getting what I wanted both out of my work and out of my home life. The techniques that Mark uses really make you question yourself to come up with the answers to your challenges. Mark doesn’t tell you what to do, he helps you find your own answers. These answers are based around what you know of not only your business, but your personal life.

I feel I am focused in what I want and have a plan of how to get where I want to be but Mark managed to make me question things that I hadn’t before. These questions have allowed me to refine my direction and make specific decisions that will help me in the future.

Although I only had a short programme of sessions I felt the benefit of them. The benefit, although can not be measured in monetary value at present, comes by me getting more reward out of what I am doing and knowing that what I am doing is leading me to meeting my goals. Each decision I now make is made with my goals in mind because that is where I want to be.

Mark is professional, personable and creative in what he does. I would feel very confident in recommending Mark’s services to other business owners. In my experience, many business owners are very focused on the day to day and as a result can miss out on opportunities that may maximise the potential of the business and the owner. Mark will help you to ensure that these opportunities are harnessed and acted on rather than wasted.